Posting on Social Media

My goal is to make your photos shine on your social media. Here are some tips to display your new photos in the best way possible.

1: Upload a high res file.

Either for Instagram, or Facebook, upload a hi res file, not a screen shot. Screen shots don’t capture the full detail of your photo, and it will appear pixelated.

For uploading hi res photos to Instagram. You can download the “hi-res” photo from Pixieset. That’s the best size for social media uploads. In order to get the file on your phone, you can email it to yourself, then save it to your phones camera roll. Or download it on a computer, and then sync it to your phone with Google Drive or Dropbox.

2: No need for filters

Instagram or Facebook filters do not work with pro photos. They end up looking muddy or pixelated. If you wanted your picture to look a different way, like black and white, or a different look, just shoot me an email ([email protected]), I would happily make that change to the original file and email you back the file.

3: Cropping

Don’t incorporate white or black borders in your photo, you can use the near full size on Instagram and Facebook. The white bars lower the resolution of the photo, and lower the quality.

4: Tagging

You can feel free to tag me on social media if you’d like.

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