Where should I print my photos?

One thing I try to tell everyone who will listen is, you had a professional take your photos, have a professional print your photos.

You may not think it, but there is a big different in the quality from a Walgreens/Target print than a print from a company that’s sole purpose is to print photos. I mean, God bless that Walgreens photo person, but photo printing is one of 1,200 other things they do. Professional printers calibrate their printers daily, only use quality papers and inks and they also stand by their work.

If you hold a Walgreens photo next to a professional quality printer, you will easily see the difference. Then wait a year, see how they age and it’s even more obvious. The funny thing, the price is nearly no different. You may pay a few more dollars, maybe. But if you’re going to go through the effort of printing them, take the tiny extra step and print them professionally.

Easiest and Best – White House Custom Color – Directly through your Pixieset album

This one can’t be much easier. You can print them directly through your album. No need to even download them! They are printed professionally by a photo lab called White House Custom Color in Eagan MN and produce amazing quality.

Unique Gifts – Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising has some interesting options for prints. They make some cool stuff.

Check them out – ArtifactUprising.com

Automagically Mailed Holiday Cards – Simply To Impress

I’ve used Simply to Impress for years to mail out our holiday cards. You upload your addresses and they do all the work! Stuffing, addressing even the stamps! It’s so easy.

Check them out – SimplyToImpress.com