Pet Palooza Photo Pup Up!

Portrait Session Details:

Sessions are 15 minutes long. You can bring whatever pet you would like as it can be inside, will not hurt anyone and is OK with it’s photo being taken. The space is 10×10. I will deliver a minimum of five photos and potentially more if they turn out great! You will get all the full resolution digital images to do what you would like with. I will do my absolute best to get some beautiful and memorable images, but also keep in mind, pets don’t always do what we want. It’s a team effort!

Location: Toolbox Collective – 3400 42nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406

Saturday March 16 10am-2pm

$100 – 15 mins session

Homemade dog treats from @treatmetoodogtreats

Fancy bespoke collars from @sweetie_pie_collars

Animal massage and body work from @the_balanced_orchid

Adoption event from @saveabullmn

Custom pet tags from @dunngoodstudios

Cat toys and cat safe herbs from @mcfloofypants_creations

Pet accessories from @knitandgather

Pet paintings from Kat Corrigan