Getting Ready for your Wedding

There are a million things to remember on your wedding day, and sadly I’m adding a few more, but they are mostly things we can figure out before your day. These are all things we will discuss at your pre wedding meeting and make a plan for success.

1: Timeline

We will talk through your timeline together. Some questions I will ask. What time do you want me to arrive and where? Do you want getting ready photos? Where would those be taken? I can help you walk through your timeline and make sure we have enough time to accomplish everything. If you need an idea of what a timeline looks like, this is a good example of what a great one looks like.

2: Family Photos

Obviously everyone wants to recognize family at weddings. It can be rare to have that many family members all together. I don’t want to miss any important shot, so we list them all out beforehand to make sure we don’t miss anyone. I print out your list and go through it one by one and cross people off. One thing that helps this go faster during the day is if you had a cousin or bridesmaid who knows everyone and could help wrangle people as well. This is an example of what a family photo list.

3: Family Names

I love to call your Mom or Dad by their name. It’s a special day, so I love to remember as many names as possible. If you can add a list of family and bridesmaids names to your family photo list, it really helps me give respect to your special guests. Speaking of family, if there are relationships I should be careful around, please let me know.

4: Something Borrowed

I want to make sure I capture the things that make your wedding special. Let me know if there are specific things, objects, or people I should pay special attention too.

5: Let’s Eat!

I will take a short break while people are eating. No one looks great when they are diving into a spinach salad. It’s most convenient for me to have a meal with the rest of the guests, as opposed to a separate room, so I can grab a few bites while photographing speeches and toasts. So count me in for a dinner, and a seat at a table.

6: Payment

It’s easiest to take care of payment before or the day of your wedding. We can discuss the easiest way to do that.  Check on the day of the wedding, PayPal or Venmo.

7: When will I get my photos?

You will receive your finished photos within a month of your wedding date.